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The Petty Professional

My mother always says, “You have to teach people how to treat you.” This also applies to work environments. You deserve to be in spaces where you and your contributions are valued, seen, and heard. 


The Petty Professional Definition:
1. One who is astute in reading emails and coworkers
2. One who is aggressively passive
3. One who will send for you and come for you

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The Petty Professional Profile

✔ We are well-read and will read you in the most articulate of ways. 
✔ We are multitaskers and multifaceted because there are multi-levels to this. 
✔ We are catchers of all the shade and the subtleties.  
✔ We are drinkers of wine so we can wind down from the world and the workplace -isms. 
✔ We are flawless with the switch up: codes, clothes, and colloquials.  
✔ We are effective utilizers of the sneer and the side-eye. 
✔ We are drinkers of water and minders of our business...unless we have to come for you. 
✔ We are no-nonsense navigators of the trivial and the "you tried it!"

HOWEVER, we are professional enough to act with due regard, but too petty to be disrespected!

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How to embrace the petty professional in you

We provide a variety of ways for you to showcase your petty professional pride. We can help you learn how to command the respect you deserve. 

Merchandise & Digital Products

Private FB Group

Workshops, Webinars, & Professional Development

PetTEA Therapy & Consulting

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Workplace Wisdom for the Working Professional

You have a voice, make sure you're heard. 

You take up space, make sure you're seen. 

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