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About PbP

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The Mission

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To empower professionals to thrive in the workplace by focusing on the things deemed trivial or small. Because guess what? Small is the new big: small actions, small words, small things. And feeling small in a space is a big deal.


In love with the Vision & Mission @ThePettyProfessional: You don't have to be rude to make sure you're treated with respect!

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Our Mission
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The Philosophy

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Examining Petty in the Workplace

Have you ever considered how and why passive aggression happens in the workplace? I have! Unless, you have "F**K You" money, most of us need our jobs. So you cannot say and do anything you feel like, at least not without some grave ramifications. Consequently, we use subtleties to get our point across in ways that create boundaries without having to be rude or annoyingly nice.


The Petty Professional was founded on the phrase, petty but professional. We provide the tools for individuals to effectively identify and navigate the petty in the workplace.



Our Philosophy
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Meet the Petty

Professional President

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Ysanne Canidate, EdD

President, The Pettty Professional

"I'm not only a client, I'm the PbP President."

Ysanne is an educator with over 12 years of experience serving students, teachers, and the community with the most intentional care. As a former UCLA graduate and track athlete, it was her dream to combine her education and her ability to synergize a group of individuals to improve their work experiences.  

Her unique experience as an African American woman in educational leadership is what fueled her desire to create Petty but Professional. She observes all too often how petty instances in the workplace can turn into hostilities, especially when employees don't feel seen. Ultimately, she believes in an organization that values its people and their contributions. People need not feel small and invisible at their jobs.

Our President
Our Team
Our Services
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Speaking Engagements

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Mentoring & Advising

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